100% Handmade

Handmade means crafted by hand. All my knit ware items are hand knit or crocheted using knitting needles or crochet hooks passed down to me from my grandmother and great-grandmother. The wooden tags are made and engraved by a fellow small business owner and hand sewn onto each finished product.

KNITTEDHOME Market pop-up

Shop in Person

Brick and Mortar Boutiques or Pop-Up Markets

The best way to shop is in person! It is a feast for the senses - all the lofty alpaca wool, the chunky wool-blend nesting baskets, and the delicately soft baby goodies. Each boutique is unique in its curation and I highly recommend each of them.

If you love shopping in the open air at farmers’ markets and meeting the makers, then you won’t want to miss the opportunity that is a pop-up market. I list all my upcoming markets here.

Or you can check out my blog and Instagram for pictures of my products.

Design Your Style

You are your own person with your own style and you're tired of corporations telling you what you "want" or what's "trending." You're ready to be sophisticated in sustainable luxury items that are secretly washable + family friendly!

You have your own style and I'd love to help you find that perfect item that makes it come alive - whether it's a new winter accessory so you don't look like Daniel Boone in an itchy hat or it's that cute catch-all basket by the entry door that saves your keys from oblivion.

It's time to discover the beauty of collaborative design with Knittedhome. Let's talk purpose + needs, and colors + sizing, so we can design the perfect solution that was meant to be all along.

Every product is designed with a purpose - to solve a problem with elegant simplicity and effortless maintenance with room to customize every product to fit your unique style needs. Let’s start a conversation to brainstorm your look or click the button below to start customizing your favorite products directly in the shop.

Let's Design Solutions Together

Meet the Maker

Hi! I’m Annie 👋

I was born + raised in NW Ohio in a crafting household.  My grandmother taught me to crochet when I was 7, like the rest of her grandchildren, and my aunt taught me to knit when I was 14.  My drive to craft quickly became one to solve little problems. I started with simple toys and doll dresses and continued to learn techniques through many years of trial and error. Now I love to design elegant solutions for daily life that maintain their integrity after multiple washings and also use sustainable materials when possible.

My favorite part is the process. I love the feeling of the needles or hook bouncing in my hands and the soft yarn gliding along my fingers. It is all muscle memory at this point, and a great way to release daily anxieties in its meditative rhythm.

Introducing beginners to this addicting hobby and meeting people at handmade markets is one of the best things about turning this hobby into a career.

Want to learn more about me or how to teach yourself? I share it all on the blog!

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